Fr John came to St Vincent’s in 2001, in succession to Canon Cahill, who on retirement, went to live locally in Plumley Village.

Fr John comes from Shropshire, having been ordained priest for the Diocese in the Cathedral in 1974. In his spare time, when he is not watching parishioners, he likes to dip into Old Trafford, either for the football or cricket.

He is a member of the Governing bodies of St Vincent’s Primary School and St Nicholas Catholic High School.

Fr John Joyce

Fr John Joyce

The following is a list of the previous parish priests who have served in St Vincents since its foundation in 1861

1861-1865  Father Hugh Lynch
1865-1867  Father Henry Alcock & Father Daniel S Casey
1867-1876  Father Daniel S Casey
1876-1879  Father Patrick O’Reilly
1879-1900  Father Robert Roberts Maurice
1900-1906  Father John Henry Roche
1906-1909  Father Thomas Mullins
1909-1917  Father Albert Morrisey
1917-1920  Father Edward D Kirby
1920-1934  Father John James Ryan
1934-1935  Father J H Campbell
1935-1941  Father Peter J Coughlan
1941-1944  Father Maurice A Stone
1944-1948  Father William C Corcoran
1948-1951  Father John Gildea
1951-1961  Father Michael Barry
1961-1968  Father James Joseph Matthews
1968-1980  Father Wilfrid Kelly
1980-2001  Canon Joseph Cahill
2001-      Father John Joyce